Women’s Boot Finder

Women’s Boot Finder

Hunter Rain Boots have led the way in form and function for generations, keeping feet dry on muddy nature walks, picnics in the park, festival fields and wherever else your adventure takes you. Hunter has become globally recongnised as the best rain boots for women.

With so many different rain boots in our collection, we’re guaranteed to have a silhouette to suit your needs. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled this practical guide to the best rain boots for women to help you find the perfect fit and ensure your wellies last for years to come.

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How should rain boots fit?

The rule of thumb is to buy based on your standard shoe size whilst making room for some boot socks. People with half shoe sizes should take the next full size up. A good pair of rain boots should not feel too restrictive on your feet and should fit perfectly around the ankle and calf to not rub against your skin. Hunter boots also offer wide-calf boots and adjustable rain boot styles – allowing you to adjust the fit to your liking. Do remember that Hunter boots come in a variety of styles for women, men, and kids so it is important to check the size guide for the style you're interested in. To measure your foot or calf for a more accurate size selection, our Hunter boots size guide will help you find the most comfortable rain boots.

What is your environment or activity?

While all Hunter rain boots are flexible enough to take on different terrains, thinking about your primary use for the boots will help you choose a pair of Hunter wellies that best fit your needs. Whether you are looking for the best waterproof boots for navigating a rainy city commute, or a pair of mud-resistant slip-ons for taking the dogs out, these are our best boots for women.

Wellies for everyday wear

Womens Original Short Boot

Original Short Rain Boots

Globally recognised as the best rain boots for women, our iconic Original Short Boots have been keeping feet dry since 1956. Try a pair of the best short rain boots for women. Each pair is still assembled by hand from 28 individual parts over three days.

  • 100% waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Signature Hunter sole

  • A versatile short fit

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Chelsea Rain Boots

We hold our place as the finest provider of the best short rain boots for women. This place is held by providing quality and a wide quantity of styles of boots. Though this boot style is said to date back to the Victorian era, our Chelsea’s are an essential companion every autumn and winter. Constructed from waterproof natural, vegan rubber, these slip-on ankle boots are considered one of our top rain boots for city streets.

  • 100% waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Elastic side gussets

  • Re-engineered for an improved fit and all-day comfort

Womens Original Chelsea Boot
Womens Original Play Boot

PLAY Rain Boots

Inspired by our Original icon, the PLAY represents a new generation of stylish rubber boots. Made from natural rubber and fully waterproof, the lightweight PLAY collection is available in our seasonal and core colours and prints in three silhouettes.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Lightweight

  • Platform sole for additional comfort

  • Available in Tall, Short and Clog styles

Refined Rain Boots

Reminiscent of the Original Tall but with a streamlined silhouette, the Refined is more than more than just a good rain boot. Built with purpose, it’s designed for navigating slippery city streets all year round.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Slim fit

  • Lightweight

  • Moulded Footbed For Enhanced Comfort

Womens Refined Boots

Rain boots for walking in the countryside

If you're really stepping into the outdoors you might want a boot that covers a little more. Explore our range of the best Tall Original rain boots for women.

Womens Original Tall Boot

Original Tall Rain Boots

As with our Original Short Boots, Our Original Tall Boots are also still assembled by hand from 28 individual parts over three days and have been keeping feet dry since 1956.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Natural, vegan rubber
  • Signature Hunter sole
  • A stylish and full-coverage tall fit

Rain boots for icy and muddy terrain

Womens Balmoral Hybrid Boots

Balmoral Rain Boots

With a durable Vibram® outsole that releases caked soil with every step, the Balmoral are our best mud boots. These boots provide superior protection on all terrains and in all weather conditions.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Natural rubber

  • Mud-releasing sole

  • Vibram® outsole

  • Two interchangeable cushioned insoles for comfort on long walks

Vegan shearling insulated boots

Insulated Wellington Boots

We have updated our bestselling rain boot styles to keep you warm in the winter months, adding a vegan shearling lining to give you a cosy/cozy feel and a temperature rating of -5°C/23°F. Hunter insulated boots are available for men, women and kids across our Original rain boot and Play rain boot styles

Breaking in your new wellies

The best rain boots for women come ready to get to know you as their new owner. Rain Boots are made of rubber, which is flexible but not soft like leather, so they’ll need a little breaking in and some additional protection when worn with certain clothing. To start, wear your boots out for short distances and for short periods of time before you wear them on much longer walks. Breaking in your rain boots will also allow you to pay attention to how they fit, whether you need insoles or whether you should adjust your boots if you can. In order to make your rain boots as cosy and comfortable for extended periods of wear, we advise wearing our Welly Socks which provide additional padding, ensure minimal rub against the calf, and keep feet toasty warm in chillier temperatures. Shop our range of insoles and Hunter welly socks here.

Boot Care

Mud and dirt can dry on your wellies, making them stiff, affecting grip, and deteriorating overall performance. Cleaning your wellies after use will keep them comfortable for longer. Wellington boots can also get dry and crack under the wrong conditions, so make sure to store them away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. A boot bag will be a helpful accessory not just for travel but can also ensure your boots are well stored all year round. You can learn more about how to care for your Hunter Boots here, and find Hunter Boot Care products.