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The Original Rain Boot

The Original Rain Boot

First introduced in 1956, the Original Rain BootThe Original Rain Boot is the heart of our brand. Today, it continues to be made using many of the original techniques. Born out of function, the Original Rain Boot lets us be present and fully experience the outdoors, whatever the weather.


Handcrafted using a number of intricate processes, each pair of our iconic Original Rain Boots is made from 28 parts and assembled over three days. Every individual piece is hand-cut from a 3D pattern, then assembled on an aluminium last bespoke to Hunter – a process that has remained relatively unchanged since day one. Watch our animation of this time-honoured process and see the journey of our Original Rain Boots come to life, from rubber plant to finished product.


Our men's rain boots and women's rain boots are crafted from naturally-occurring rubber – a flexible and waterproof material that provides the comfort and protection Hunter is known for. We source natural rubber from plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand using a process known as rubber tapping which does not damage forests. To ensure that biodiversity, workers and local communities are cared for, we are working to ensure that all rubber sourced comes from FSC®-certified forests by 2025 through Hunter Protect.

Woman on railing in green rubber boots
Tree on a white background


Because natural rubber is at the heart of our brand, we want to ensure that it is sourced as responsibly as possible. That’s why we have made this commitment to using FSC®-certified rubber, which helps to reduce negative environmental impacts, conserve ecosystems, protect the rights of workers and Indigenous Peoples and enhance the economic and social wellbeing of local communities. We are proud to have been one of the first brands to pledge to using FSC®-certified rubber. Learn more about how we’re protecting forests here.


In the final step of production, every Original Rain Boot is put under intense heat and pressure using a process known as vulcanisation. A technique first introduced in 1856 and patented by our founder, vulcanisation ensures that every boot is fully waterproof, durable and remains true to our heritage.

Wellington Boots deconstructed
A collection of yellow, red and green original tall wellington boots


At Hunter, protection is inherent to our DNA. Every boot is designed with purpose, quality and fit in mind. We believe that a product should only be characterised as waterproof once it has been through a series of highlycontrolled, industry approved tests. The Original Rain Boot provides our highest level of water protection, guaranteed to perform in harsh, wet weather conditions.


Over 60 years later, the boot remains at the heart of our iconic rainwear collection – protecting wearers from rainy days and adverse weather conditions across festival fields, country lanes and city streets the world over.

Green tall hunter original boots

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Creative Expression

Since day one the Original Rain Boot has been a global icon that crosses borders of age, gender and trends. Our DNA is embodied by this boot and it informs all our designs. Look for its red box logo, 1956 scales marquee, side buckle and edge trim chain as markers of authenticity and quality.

Red tall rain boots

Hunter Protect

Beyond the use of FSC®certified rubber for our wellington boots, we are working to creative a better future for our environment, our resources and our global communities in many other ways through Hunter Protect – from charitable donations, to material innovation, to forest conservation. Learn more about Hunter Boots’ sustainability pledge here.

One small step toward a lower environmental footprint is caring for your rain boots to ensure they last for years to come. To ensure the longevity of your favourite Hunter wellies, here are some tips:

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Available in short and tall silhouettes in a range of colours for men and women.



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