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Men's Boot Finder

Men's Boot Finder

Here's our guide to the best rain boots for men.

light green tall hunter wellies

The best rain boots for men are an essential item for any outdoor wardrobe. But because all men are different with different experiences planned for different days we've put together a handy guide. We've got the best rain boots for men for all occasions. Daily commute, weekend away, or something more durable for the nightly dog walk. No matter what you have planned we have the best ankle boots for men and the best tall rain boots for men.

The finest snow boots are a stabilising force on the ice. We want you to experience the world outside, whatever the weather, and with our top-rated rain boots for men you can. Finding good boots for men for all the outdoors has to offer can be a tough challenge but this guide will take the stress out of the search.

Enjoy our guide to the best rain boots for men below.

For The Rain

Mens Original Tall Wellington Boot

Original Rain Boots

Recognised around the world as the best rain boots for men, our Original rain boots have been keeping feet dry since 1956. Each pair is still assembled by hand from 28 individual parts over three days. By adhering to this production process we can guarantee durable and waterproof rain boots for men with every pair of Hunter Original boots created.

Our Original rain boots for men are available in a wide range of colours to match any outfit or occasion. No matter what you have planned there's a pair of Original mens rain boots for you. These boots also come in a variety of styles so they can be easily teamed with whatever look you have planned.

  • 100% waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Signature Hunter sole

  • Available in Tall, Short and Wide fit

Chelsea Boots

Looking for an ankle height and lightweight rain boot that can still fully protect in the wettest of weather? Then the Chelsea Boots from Hunter are the choice for you. Look no further for the best ankle rain boots for men than our Chelsea Boots.

Lightweight and waterproof, our Chelsea styles are our best-selling slip-on mens ankle rain boots. Absolutely ideal for navigating rainy city streets, heading out on a woodland walk or attending a festival. Made from natural, vegan rubber we’ve updated the classic Chelsea silhouette to be more practical and durable for full weather resistance.

For a boot inspired by one of the most long-lasting fashion trends to come out of the 60s, we wouldn't expect you to sacrifice your look for dryness. That's why the best ankle rain boots for men come in a variety of colours. Our Chelsea boots compliment a wide range of casual outfits perfectly.

If you want all the protection of a classic rain boot but don't want to feel like you've stepped straight from the field you’ll find this style suits you best.

  • 100% waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Elastic side gussets

  • Re-engineered for an improved fit and all-day comfort

Mens Original Chelsea Boot
Men's Play Boots

PLAY Boots

Looking for the best rain boots for men but want something that falls in the middle of our Original and Chelsea styles? We've got you covered. Discover the PLAY boot below to see if this is the fit for you. The PLAY boot is much easier to slip on and off. Meaning it is the perfect boot for rainy days out and a trip into the garden.

It's no major surprise that the PLAY Boots take inspiration from our Original Boots. But the PLAY represents a new generation of wet-weather footwear. Falling halfway up the calf this is the best rain boot for men if you still want full protection in the wettest of weather but desire a lighter boot. The PLAY boot itself comes in a variety of colours/colors to make it the perfect boot no matter what outfit or event you have planned.

Crafted from natural rubber, the collection is vegan, waterproof and available in a rainbow of colours and prints.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Natural, vegan rubber

  • Lightweight

  • Heel for additional comfort

  • Available in Tall, Short and Clog styles

For The Mud

The best rain boots for men give ultimate protection in everything from a light drizzle and intermittent showers to a heavy deluge. The above boots all provide expert protection from mud also.

But if you're looking for the best rain boots for men to combat the heaviest of muddy conditions you may want to explore the below option.

Balmoral Boots

Explore the outdoors with confidence in our Balmoral boots. These boots have been expertly made for varied terrain from light mud to heavy bog. These boots will help you tackle any and all weather conditions.

These rain boots feature a Vibram® sole for a comfortable yet sturdy construction. The Balmoral rain is a Hunter boot that will keep you warm and dry but also safe and stable in any conditions. Vibram® is a revolutionary outsole created to provide better traction in hazardous conditions. This expert tread pattern has been unrivaled for almost 80s years as the best solution for walking in slippery conditions. There's a reason it is known as the tank tread. You can step into any condition safe in the knowledge that you have the ultimate support and protection in a pair of Hunter Balmoral rain boots.

So if you're looking for the best Tall rain boots for men you really need to look no further than the Hunter Balmoral boot.

With a mud-releasing Vibram® outsole, these boots are weather resilient, durable, and ready for the adventure.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Natural rubber

  • Mud-releasing sole

  • Vibram® outsole

  • Two interchangeable cushioned insoles for comfort on long walks

Mens Balmoral Adjustable Hybrid Boots

Did you know your boots come with a two-year warranty?

Our rain boots for men are built to last. We are committed to providing the best rain boots for men. By that we mean a pair of boots you can trust to protect your feet from the wet and cold. We know you are purchasing a quality boot when you buy from Hunter. That's why we can say if you have any issues with your boots within the first 24 months you can have a new pair.

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Men, don't miss out on our Men's Boot Fit Guide. Discover the perfect fit for you in this handy guide here.



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