What To Wear In The Rain

What to wear when it’s raining

With a heritage rooted in protection, we have been helping people explore the world outside in any conditions since 1856, so we are the experts in what to wear in the rain. Products with purpose are part of our DNA and we want everybody to have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors come wind, rain, hail, snow, and shine. Our product range is more than just our iconic boots. See what to wear in the rain - from head to toe - below.

chelsea black boots
tall black rain boots
woman walking in the field wearing a waterproof coat and red original tall hunter rain boots


On rainy days, clothes are just the beginning. We make the world’s best rubber boots, so we believe the key to dressing for rainy weather is to start from the ground up with protective footwear. Nobody else makes rain boots like Hunter. We use the finest materials and an tried and tested production process to guarantee quality, durability, and comfort from all of our waterproof boots. All our Hunter rain boots are crafted from vulcanised rubber with a comfortable nylon lining.

The Original, Refined, and Balmoral rain boots collections all offer waterproof shielding up to the knee. Sport these classic rubber boots for long walks in the countryside or trips to rural pubs and restaurants. Our rain boots are built for comfort so you won't want to take them off all day. Our waterproof boots are available in a wide range of colours to compliment any outfit.

Alternatively, our fully waterproof, ankle-grazing Chelsea Boots naturally complement all casual rainy-day outfits. If you want the protection of rain boots but with a short ankle boot style, these are the rubber boots for you. These shorter waterproof boots are stylish enough to wear on your daily commute on a rainy day. These rubber boots are perfect for protecting your feet from rain, mud, snow and sleet. Also available in multiple colours and patterns to finish off any look. Rain boots that can be teamed perfectly with jeans or chinos, try our stylish iconic Chelsea boots with jeans or chinos for a sophisticated look.

Don't miss our waterproof boots in a variety of sizes from those that sit just below the knee, to rubber boots that end midway up the leg and finally our ankle rain boots.

waterproof jacket
man in yellow waterproof jacket


When the storm clouds gather, no rain outfit is complete without a protective waterproof jacket. We have two categories for our jackets: waterproof and water-resistant. It is hard to be prepared for what to wear in the rain when it comes in many forms. From light showers, torrential downpours, or even a shock storm. But we pride ourselves in making sure you've got what to wear in the rain.

Pick the protection and weight that suits the daily weather forecast best. Hunter lightweight packable jackets are perfect to bring with you on your next adventure even if you've left the house in bright sunshine. Easy to carry and transport, they won't weigh you down but you'll be pleased you have one should the weather turn.

If you are expecting more than just a light shower, some rainy weather outfits require protection from a deluge and we've got you protected on that front too. As part of our continued commitment to protecting the environment as part of our Hunter Protect project, we are increasingly offering more products from recycled materials. Our Explorer recycled material jacket is fully waterproof and designed to withstand heavy rain and wind.

Our Hunter outerwear is always evolving with the current trends and seasons. Meaning there's a perfect piece of Hunter outerwear to compliment any outfit and for any occasion. Much like our footwear range, we are committed to using the finest materials to create our outerwear. This dedication leads to our Hunter guarantee that our outerwear will keep you warm and dry no matter what the day throws at you.

black backpack
khaki green small crossbody bag


When dressing for rainy weather, don’t forget about your prized possessions. Why stop with a pair of Hunter boots and outerwear? Protect your valuables in the same way you protect yourself from the rain. We've taken the same approach to protect your feet and body from wet weather and applied it to a large number of accessories.

Backpacks and Socks

Whether it’s a highly water-resistant Rubberized Leather Top Clip Backpack or a festival ready crossbody, rainy weather outfits are completed with one of Hunter’s many weatherproof bags that keep your valuables safe and dry.

Our backpacks come in a variety of colours but all feature a number of key design features to help protect your belongings. All Hunter backpacks are highly water-resistant. They have not only a water-resistant nylon exterior but also a water-resistant inner lining giving you maximum protection. Our Top Clip Backpack has a protected padded back pocket that is the perfect size to carry a laptop. Meaning you can travel from home to the office or to an important meeting safe in the knowledge that your electrical devices are fully protected. Explore our range of crossbody bags that are perfect for a day out or a festival so you can relax in the knowledge that all your essentials are safe and nearby. Our backpacks and crossbody bag range also include our kids' collection. Our kids' range of backpacks features a selection of bright colours/colors to ensure that you can keep your little ones co-ordinated with their favourite pair of wellies, and there is always the option to match with the adults in the family.

Make your Hunter rain boots stand out with a pair of Hunter socks. These boot socks will not only make you feel extra cosy and warm but they will also add some creative flair to your look. Try a pair of cuffed socks. These allow you to roll the cuff over the top of your boots to add a unique pattern to your boots. We have the perfect socks for all sizes of waterproof boots - from Tall and Short to Play, Chelsea and Kids. We recommend that you wear our cuffed socks with every pair of Hunter rain boots, for a more comfortable fit and to protect your feet and legs, whilst also keeping your feet dry and warm.

Hats, Scarves and Brollies

Complete your what-to-wear in the rain look with a cosy hat to keep your hair dry. The Hunter range of hats features many different styles and colours. From our cuff beanie to a more playful bobble beanie there's a hat for any occasion. Never one to let a trend pass us by, we've even launched our range of vegan shearling bucket hats. Our take on the 90s fashion trend that’s made a return. Try a Hunter bucket hat today.

Check out our range of gloves and scarves. They are perfect for ease of carrying but are always there should the temperature drop. Our hats, gloves and scarves are all a great size to pop into your Hunter jacket or backpack to have by your side should the weather get colder. All these accessories are one size fits all. So they make the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

So there you have it, everything you might need to wear in the rain. From boots of all sizes to jackets of all colours and styles. Topped off with an equally detailed supply of backpacks, hats, scarves and gloves. At Hunter we really are a one-stop shop for everything you might need to stay warm and dry on even the coldest and wettest days.

Have a look at our Hunter range of umbrellas. Our mini compact umbrellas are the perfect travel companion. Small and easy to carry or pop in a bag, or even a coat pocket. You'll forget your Hunter mini umbrella is there, it's so light. But when that sudden shower falls you'll be pleased you brought it along. If the weather forecast has informed you of a heavy day of rain then make sure you have a Hunter bubble umbrella. Bigger and with a statement splash of colour/color. It even features a hybrid frame of fiberglass and reinforced plastic to prevent it from twisting and turning in the wind. Anti-crease material is featured in all of our waterproof umbrellas to keep your umbrella looking fresh use after use. An extra wide canopy will also make sure that our Bubble Umbrella keeps you dry in any downpour.

All our umbrellas include the iconic Hunter logo. We’ve put the same level of design expertise into these umbrellas that we put into every pair of Hunter rain boots. There's also a range of kids' umbrellas to ensure your little ones stay dry wherever they are.

For more rainy outfit ideas, shop our weatherproof collection now.